the hands and feet of jesus

It's our responsibility to serve the poor and disadvantaged. We strongly believe that every follower of Jesus Christ has a mandate on his or her life to help, serve and restore those around us, with the love of Jesus. We serve locally and globally and also provide support to organizations doing great work!


Here are some of the places we serve and support as a fellowship. There are many other places and organizations we respect, visit and support.

  1. Arms of Lovechildren’s homes in the Philippines and Nicaragua.
  2. Cornerstone Ministries - digging fresh water wells in India, support of a leper colony, and higher education.
  3. Reach Out - orphanage in Honduras.
  4. Jews for Jesus - serving Israel and around the world.
  5. Grove City Emergency Fund - helping our neighbors in need.

i'm ready to go!

The global pandemic has put a temporary hold on our global mission trips. 

But there are things you can do in the meantime to get ready for our next mission trip.

  1. Pray! Pray for our missions and ask God to speak to you about what role you can play in our mission work.
  2. Get a passport. Passports are needed for all global mission trips. If you already have one, make sure it's still valid. 
  3. Immunizations. Hepatitis A & B immunizations are required for all trips. Get yours now so you're ready!