our story

Our fellowship was born in March 1993 as a church plant by Tom & Karen Pauquette. We started meeting in a living room on South Eureka Avenue in Columbus, Ohio. From there, we have called several locations home including West Franklin Elementary School and a storefront on the corner of Wedgewood Drive and Sullivant Avenue.

We reached out to the community, preaching the gospel and continued to grow as a family of believers. In May of 1996, Vineyard Christian Fellowship took possession of a building at 1159 Demorest Road. In the Spring of 2001, we broke ground and relocated to our present Holt Road location where you find us now.

You may have noticed a few other Vineyard churches in Columbus and the surrounding areas. Many of these Vineyards also started as outreaches or "church plants", however, each Vineyard is an independent church. Not all Vineyard churches are alike, but they all do share common essential elements of Christian doctrine and practice.

vineyard usa

The Vineyard movement is a global family of 2400+ churches in 90+ countries. Committed to worship with passion, serve with devotion, and equip people of every age, ethnicity, language, and background to do the works that Jesus did, the Vineyard is a church planting movement that is growing daily. Find out more by visiting VineyardUSA.

our beliefs

  • The necessity, sufficiency, clarity, authority, and infallibility of the Bible.
  • The doctrine of sin: human beings are wholly unable to will or achieve their salvation without the free grace and intervention of God.
  • The doctrine of atonement: Christ received the penalty we deserved in our place.
  • The necessity of the new birth through the Holy Spirit, the blessings of justification, union with Christ, adoption, and sanctification.
  • The indispensability of the church and its ministry of the Word, baptism, and communion for the formation of Christians into disciples.
  • The availability and operation of spiritual gifts such as prophecy and physical healing. 
  • The personal return of Jesus Christ to earth to judge the world and establish a new heavens and new earth.

-Adapted from “The Decline and Renewal of the American Church: Part 3 – The Path to Renewal, by Dr. Tim Keller

We are a part of the Association of Vineyard Churches

Visit that site to view our full Statement of Faith.