prayer wall

Philippians 4.6-7 tells us "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus".

Prayer is our first line of defense. You are welcome to share your prayer requests with our church community, write an anonymous prayer, or only share your request with the church staff. Nobody prays alone! Please share your prayer requests below.

Pray for me

Here are some submitted prayer requests that are made public for anyone who wants to pray.


Please pray that God would protect me and stop all attacks of the enemy from coming towards me. Pray also that God would deliver me from depression and singleness based sadness. Pray also that God would help me through loneliness. Finally pray that God would completely heal me and deliver me from sin.


I was given a powerful prophecy from the pulpit on Jan 1, 2022. I’ve been walking it out in faith all year. I need to be participating in it’s fulfillment. Pray for wisdom in how to participate with this prophecy. Pray for strong steps of faith to take. Pray for greater wisdom, insight and revelation into the meaning of the prophecy. Pray for guidance in my prayers, to pray with understanding, faith, courage, commitment, love, and wisdom form the Lord, praying into the fulfillment of this. Pray that many powerful prayer warriors will pray with faith, direction and commitment for it’s fulfillment. Thank you.


Please pray for me. I feel emotionally in turmoil and restless. Pray for the Lord’s peace that passes understanding to guard my heart and mind, and for emotional healing. Pray that God will heal and remove all stress out of every cell in my body. Pray that God will heal, strengthen and slow down my heart rate, so I have the same slow, powerful heart I had in my early 20’s. Pray for healing and clarity for my mind, and for deep sleep at night. Thanks.


So I have a few prayer requests please that I have been overthinking and stressing out about. So the first one is about my house. Which most people already know that the house is my kids dad that passed away almost 2 years ago. I have to talk to my lawyer this coming week about what to do with my house and how to get it in my name. I have no clue what to do except to let this realtor buy my house and I do a land contract with him. Im freaking out about this situation this is the only thing left to for my kids that his evil family didn’t take away from us. My second prayers is that I need prayers to help me be a better mother that don’t yell at my kids all of the time. To show them that they are just as important to me just like I’m important to them. I feel like I’m pushing my kids away. When I get angry I am working on walking away from the situation but I don’t know where to go when I feel like a crappy mother for yelling at them. Im still new this trying to read and understand the Bible. I’m still new at trying to figure out how to pray for things. I want to have patience for my kids. My third prayer is that my Financial situation gets better. After paying all of my bills I’m constantly in the negative with my bank account. It now has gotten worse because I lost my food stamps. They say I make to much money which I don’t see how because I pay over $7000 a month in bills. So to add food in my budget makes it hard. Especially with Christmas and my oldest birthday come up I don’t know even now how I’m going to make this work. I don’t like to ask for help or prayers because I always feel so embarrassing to ask for help and prayers. This are the three biggest things that have me stressed out and overwhelmed these last few months. Im sorry to ask for help and prayers. Have a good week everyone. Stay blessed.


PLease pray for a good woman to receive an adoption offer for 2 black and white cats. Kittens are already waiting for a place in a temporary home, and these 2 poor cats can be abandoned on the street. Pray for a solution to the problem, so that these poor pets have a safe haven. Thank you