Our student ministries is comprised of all middle and high school students.


GCVS stands for Grove City Vineyard Students, which encompasses our middle and high school students. We have experiences where middle and high school students meet independently and when students come together to experience God and life together. 

We believe if a student commits to this ministry, fully invests themselves in the discipleship opportunities and services, then they will graduate God-loving, spirit-filled students ready to impact the world for the kingdom of God.


Every Sunday from 6-8 PM during the school year, we provide a uniquely tailored middle school experience for grades 6-8. This service is complete with high-energy worship, interactive games and activities, and a message. Led by Pastor Chase, this service focuses on foundational faith elements, Bible stories and answers questions like "How do we pray," "What is the Bible," and "How do we study the Bible?" At Genesis, we begin to lay a biblical foundation in Christ.


Every Sunday, from 6-8 PM during the school year, we host a high school experience for grades 9-12. Named after Jesus' response in Matthew 18.22, 77 aims to help students with practical faith topics that affect their everyday life. We answer questions like "How do we live out our faith at school," "How can I honor God with my relationships," and "How do I know what God's will is for my life." 77 is complete with student-led worship, a message, games, and more.


Alive is our worship service designed specifically with middle and high school students in mind. Each service has live worship, a message, and ministry time. It's loud, lots of lights and an experience your students will not forget! Feel free to bring along your friends! 


We encourage students to attend a home group during the school year twice a month. Home Groups are a significant part of Vineyard's DNA, culture, and core values. We want students to realize their importance to our community and faith development. Middle and high school students have separate home groups to learn how to study the Bible, pray, and how to be a part of a local church.